Welcome to the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 Exhibition

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“How does one mourn for six million people who died? How many candles does one light? How many prayers does one recite? Do we know how to remember the victims, their solitude, their helplessness? They left us without a trace, and we are their trace.” Elie Wiesel

I am privileged to be invited for the second year to curate the Echo Eternal Exhibition.  Last year, the iconic setting of Coventry Cathedral, and this year transported to you wherever you are.  While I yearn for real life experiences, I think it provides an opportunity to view the work in your own time, when you are ready.  I do not intend this exhibition to be a passive experience.  I invite you to explore the journeys that have brought us to this time, to contemplate moments of hope and stand together with the schools, partners and survivors for a better future, starting today and ask how will you make a difference?

I pledge to always speak out when I see injustice and hate, ask those challenging questions, and remember the names of the wonderful souls who gifted their testimonies to inspire us all to be better.

Nicola Richardson

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