Day 6: Marcel Anisfeld led by LIPA Sixth Form College – 12th January

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Students from LIPA Sixth Form College have worked together for their campaign activity - inspired by              the testimony of Marcel Anisfeld.

Campaign Day (2)

On Day 6, students from LIPA Sixth Form College shared a short creative film made during lockdown assisted by family members. It was inspired by Marcel’s words of “generation to generation” and poem by Morgan Harper Nichols.

‘You may not be able to bury your hardest times                                                                                                                          Forgetting that they happened, or change them down the line,                                                                                      Because those times were hard, they’ll endure the moments when                                                                                        You realise you are strong enough to stand on top of them.                                                                                                      So wear your strongest posture now, And see your hardest times                                                                                          As more than just the times you fell                                                                                                                                          But a range of mountains you learned to climb.’

(By Morgan Harper Nichols)

*The group performance piece planned by the students will be shared later in the year when the group can be back to film together.

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"In Marcel Anisfeld’s name we pledge to share his testimony and that we will always encourage young people's dreams, encouraging them to explore their future in a safe environment, free of prejudice and without barriers. We will seek the voice of young people and not be blind to their fears and dreams. We will do this by raising funds for charities that help young people with achieving their artistic ambitions."

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Marcel escaped into Soviet-occupied Poland. He was then deported by the Russians to Siberia. He and his family experienced hard labour.

After the war, he and his sister had to pretend to be orphaned children in order to be brought to England by Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld.

“It is important for the future generations, to know what went on. How we lost many, many members of our family. How we lost six million Jews.”

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All festival activity was organised and delivered under Covid safe conditions and in accordance with Government guidelines regarding coronavirus. Please follow the public heath regulations in your area and enjoy the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 in safety.

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