Day 15: Hedi Frankl led by Arena Academy - 21st January

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                                           In partnership with: Vyka Films, Singers Hill Synagogue, Andrew Cohen House.

Campaign Day (2)

The students and staff at Arena Academy were inspired by the testimony of Hedi Frankl and the importance of thinking of others in difficult times, which the experience of the pandemic had particularly highlighted.

The short film featured an online sharing session bringing together students and representatives of the partners to discuss how the words of Hedi Frankl, the pledge made and the new partnership can be a starting point to bringing light in the darkness.

The film also featured work made by students and the lighting up of Singers Hill Synagogue.

Thank you to Vyka Films for supporting the campaign day, to Rabbi Jacobs and the executive of Singers Hill Synagogue and the staff Andrew Cohen House care home.

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"In Hedi Frankl’s name we pledge to share her testimony and have been inspired to be the personification of courage and kindness by offering words of comfort and support to those who are sick, isolating and suffering.

"We will do this by sending cards with personal messages from our students to those in hospitals, care homes and our community, each school term."

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Hedi initially used a fake passport to evade the Nazis but was captured by “Jew hunters” and taken to work in factory Strasshoff. A foreman at the factory saved her.

“I want future generations to remember what happened during the Holocaust and don’t make the same mistakes again.”


Hedi Frankl
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Students engaged with the testimony of Hedi Frankl to develop small multi-layered collages that were placed into the delicate structure of a teabag.

The teabags were then trapped in a layer of wax, encasing the symbols and images of evil within. Students witnessed that present day Hedi was often represented by cups of tea and friends. The tea bag structure has been employed to represent small acts of kindness and often provides a comforting environment to deal with life's challenges.   

The wax penetrated through the collage and teabag structure which created a transparent effect. The individual structures were then embellished and sewn together to create a ripple like installation where light penetrates through, revealing the layers underneath. The ripple form stems from the concept of the ‘ripple effect’; the notion that one small action, word or opinion can have wider repercussions, far beyond the initial experience.  

To visit the Echo Eternal Horizon Festival 2021 Exhibition - click here. 

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All festival activity was organised and delivered under Covid safe conditions and in accordance with Government guidelines regarding coronavirus. Please follow the public heath regulations in your area and enjoy the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 in safety.

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