Day 14: Ann Kirk BEM led by Rockwood Academy - 20th January

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                                                                                                        In partnership with Hodge Hill Arts Forum.

Campaign Day (2)

As a UCL Beacon School in Holocaust Education, Rockwood Academy hosted a second campaign day, launching the start of a partnership with Hodge Hill Arts Forum. Students watched the testimony of Ann Kirk and created artwork and poetry in response to her words and the message that they have taken from these to celebrate diversity. 

The film shared as part of their campaign day featured an online sharing event with students from Rockwood and invited guests from Echo Eternal and Hodge Hill Arts Forum.

A community event celebrating diversity will take place later in the year, look out for further details.

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"In Ann Kirk's name we pledge to encourage everyone in our community to express themselves as individuals and to celebrate the diversity which exists in our community.

"We will do this by running a Diversity Appreciation day, celebrating diversity at Rockwood and beyond."

President Kennedy School’s short film brings together their pledge with another chance to watch their Echo film made in 2019 with River Rea Films, focussed on Peter Lantos’s testimony.

The school will be working with others in the trust to create spaces for reflection and learning. Details of future activity will be shared via this website – please return for more details.

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Ann was born in Berlin in 1928, but her family moved a number of times. When the Nazis moved into the Rhineland, the family lived in Cologne.

Her parents were concerned about the changes and mounting discrimination and restrictions on Jewish people. They applied to emigrate a number of times but were unsuccessful.

Ann Kirk BEM

Ann and her mother lived for some time 300 miles from Berlin where her mother could get work, while her father had moved to Berlin to retrain in the hope his new profession would make emigration possible. In 1938 mother and daughter moved to Berlin.

“You know whatever colour, whatever religion, your friends, your neighbours or even strangers are, they're all human beings. You've got to treat them as human beings with the respect they deserve.”

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All festival activity was organised and delivered under Covid safe conditions and in accordance with Government guidelines regarding coronavirus. Please follow the public heath regulations in your area and enjoy the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 in safety.

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