Day 12: Judith Kerr OBE led by Dulwich College - 18th January

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                                                        In partnership with: Judith Kerr Primary School, Aegis Trust

Campaign Day (2)

For Day 12 we shared a film from Dulwich College that brought together their pledge and captures the commitment, ambition and vision in the name of Judith Kerr. The film features Year 7 pupils singing ‘Weep No More’ recorded for the Horizons21 film.

Dulwich College began their work on the testimony by working with pupils at the neighbouring Judith Kerr Primary School to create artwork for the 2021 Horizons Festival exhibition.

The staff and students started this term with a focus on the Echo Eternal project and will continue to explore the testimony and create artistic responses during their campaign day and through the year. Some of which will feature later in the year to coincide with Refugee Week in June.

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“In Judith Kerr's name we pledge to echo her story and celebrate the contribution she made to children's literature and to art and to shine a light on the lessons we can take from the difficult journey made by Judith and her family, and by all refugees fleeing from tyranny and conflict.

"We will do this by embedding Judith's testimony into Dulwich College and by supporting Aegis Trust in their work towards the prevention of genocide and the reconciliation of divided communities.”

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Judith was born on 14 June 1923 in Berlin but escaped from Hitler’s Germany with her parents and brother in 1933 when she was nine years old. Her father was a drama critic and a distinguished writer whose books were burned by the Nazis. The family passed through Switzerland and France before arriving finally in England in 1936. 

She worked as an artist, a BBC television scriptwriter and author and illustrator of children’s books right up until her death in 2019.

Judith Kerr

“And it's very important I think to know that this particular thing did happen to a certain group of people. What would they have given to live just a month of the life I have had.”

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All festival activity was organised and delivered under Covid safe conditions and in accordance with Government guidelines regarding coronavirus. Please follow the public heath regulations in your area and enjoy the Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 in safety.

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