In Peter Lantos’s name

Ark Victoria Academy & President Kennedy School

“In Peter Lantos’s name we pledge to share his testimony and promote tolerance and respect for difference, in school and with our wider community.

“We will do this by sharing throughout the year our learning with parents and other schools in our network as well as developing links with other Echo Eternal partners including President Kennedy School.” (Ark Victoria Academy)

“In Peter Lantos’s name we pledge to share his testimony and ensure it acts as inspiration to everyone to fight prejudice, intolerance and hatred within and beyond our school and community at all times. We will do this by creating an Echo Eternal Garden in the school grounds that encourages us all to ‘Be the light the in darkness’.

“We will work in collaboration with Parkgate Primary School on the creation and use of the garden as a place to share and remember the testimonies of Peter Lantos and Judith Kerr.” ([President Kennedy School)

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Click here for more on the people behind this pledge

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